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Dispensing Chemists

Welcome to the Pharmacy section of our Hospital! Our team of dedicated pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work closely with our healthcare providers to ensure that patients receive safe, effective and timely medication therapy.

Our goal is to optimize medication therapy for each patient, taking into account individual patient factors such as age, medical conditions, allergies, and other medications

We provide a variety of services to support our patients’ medication therapy, including medication dispensing, medication therapy management, patient education, and medication reconciliation. We also provide all the medical accesories recomended in our family planning and specialty clinics services.

Our pharmacy team fills medication orders prescribed by healthcare providers and dispenses them to patients. We use state-of-the-art technology and a rigorous checking process to ensure the accuracy of every medication order. We also offer medication delivery services to inpatients and outpatients to ensure that patients receive their medications in a timely manner.

Our pharmacists work with healthcare providers to manage medication therapy for patients with complex medication regimens or multiple medical conditions. We provide medication counseling and education to patients to ensure that they understand their medications and how to take them safely and effectively. We also monitor patients for potential drug interactions, side effects, and other medication-related problems, and make recommendations to healthcare providers as needed.

We believe that patient education is essential to successful medication therapy. Our pharmacy team provides patient education on medications, including how to take them, what to expect, and potential side effects. We also provide information on other aspects of medication therapy, such as medication storage and disposal, and the importance of medication adherence.

Medication reconciliation is the process of comparing a patient’s medication orders to all of the medications that the patient is taking. Our pharmacy team works with healthcare providers to ensure that patients’ medication lists are accurate and up-to-date. This helps to prevent medication errors and ensures that patients receive the correct medications.